Obstinate Defiant Disorder

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 An obstinate defiant disorder is a serious psychiatric condition that affects two to sixteen percent of all children. If left untreated, this could result to many other kinds of disorders in the patient’s life.

Obstinate defiant disorder is characterized by an ongoing pattern of hostile, disobedient and defiant behavior to authority figures that goes beyond normal childhood behavior. Those with this behavior may seem stubborn, have tantrums, tend to bully and vandalize. Most are unable to take ‘no’ for an answer and annoying others intentionally. Kids with this disorder are disobedient and hostile toward authority figures and adults. For this condition to be diagnosed, this should occur for a period of six months.

Moreover, this condition is characterized by the frequent happening of at least four of the behaviors such as arguing with adults, losing temper, defying actively or refusing to comply with the requests of adults. Children with this behavior doing things that annoy other people deliberately. They also tend to blame other people for his or her mistakes or misbehavior. They are also very touch and are easily annoyed by others, resentful, angry and spiteful and even vindictive. Children showing signs of this condition should be attended to immediately so as not to cause further damage on his or her being as a whole.


How to Persuade an Obstinate Person

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 An obstinate person is also known as a stubborn person, unyielding and persistent. Obstinate persons are probably the most difficult to deal with due to the fact that they are really hard to persuade in all persuasion facets. Nevertheless, there are several ways of persuading these kinds of people, regardless if they are your parents, a friend, husband, wife, boss and many more.

Keep in mind that these kinds of people think that they are right. To persuade them, you have to keep their dignity and let them continue to think they are and always are right even if they will alter courses. Begin with the topic and let them know they are on the same page as them and understand what and why they did. This will keep them cool and allowing room for opening up for discussion.

Refrain from criticizing their reasoning in any way. What you have to say should be casual and sugared since if you will sound determined and formal, they could sense what is coming. Explain casually that if they will change their decision it will help them. Allow them to think that you want them to change is because you are for their best interest and this could benefit them later on. It is important to appear confident and do not appear to be desperate for what you want. This keeps their guards down and you have better chances of winning.

What Obstinate Means

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 Obstinate means being stubborn or pig-headedness. An individual who is obstinate is hard to control since he or she is determined and convinced that he or she is right. This kind of person has preconceived notions about certain actions and things which he or she believes as true against any opposition.

This trait could be good as well as bad. If a person is unrelenting to the extent of being undisciplined or disorderly, it could become a negative trait. Nevertheless, if the person is determined about his or her quest to do a job which is legally and morally right, then it becomes a positive attribute. A person should be obstinate to the point of believing that nobody has the right to steal his or her dreams so long as they are ethically correct.

There are times when people could be obstinate, depending on the situation presenting itself. Some people indeed have very strong views on specific characters and aspects in life. Others view this as being unyielding or stubborn adherence to one’s views, opinions and purpose. It could also be a strong resistance or objection to change. Still others describe this as fixedness in opinion, will or resolution that could not be shaken at all or with great effort.

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