The Headstrong Foundation

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 The HEADstrong foundation for blood cancer is all about looking for a cure for all   cancers that are related to the blood. The foundation is created and dedicated to Nicholas Colleluori, a blood cancer victim, its founder.

HEADstrong Foundation started in the year 2005, when Nicholas was diagnosed   with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a kind of blood cancer affecting the lymphatic system. During this battle with the disease, undergoing intense radiation, chemotherapy, etc., he was determined to begin a foundation that supports blood cancer community.  The name HEADstrong stems from his childhood nickname ‘HEAD’ and the word strong that define his physical and mental toughness.

Regardless of his failing health, Nick spent a lot of hours in front of his laptop learning about non-profit organizations and making word documents of what he has in mind. Days before he passed, his energy for others was communicated to his family and he made them promise that they would make his vision come true. On November 28, 2006, Nick finally lost his battle to lymphoma. Despite this, he was able to establish   the framework for the foundation and he has since then impacted the lives of thousands of people who have blood cancers of different kinds.

How to Handle Headstrong Children

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There are all three kinds of personalities in children and no child has the same temperament as the other. Dealing with headstrong kids is not always easy and finding ways to deal with them could be a real challenge.  Nonetheless, there are some things you can do to handle headstrong children.

You have   to find out the age-appropriate behavior for your kid since discipline will not work if you have unrealistic expectations. Avoid instances that could cause frustration. Do not plan shopping trips if your child needs an afternoon nap or keep health snacks and drink between meals to avoid a blood sugar drop that could make them a child fussy.  Anticipate when your child is likely to resist direction. For instance, if   you know that your toddler will have a tantrum when you leave the park, ease the transition by preparing him or her for it ahead of time.

With a child that is headstrong, you will feel exhausted if you let yourself battle over little things. If your tot wants to wear his or her favorite pajama to the store, let it be. Redirect your kid before he or she begins to defy you and guide him or her to a different but acceptable activity. Always praise your child for good behavior. Positive reinforcement could motivate your child to behave well.

Deal with your Headstrong Toddler

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 One minute your toddler is your baby and the next he or she is a raging tyrant, kicking and screaming on the floor. This is what they call as having a headstrong toddler. Moreover, these times are called the years of the ‘terrible two’s ‘or ‘terrible threes’.

A lot of parents feel they are failures because of their headstrong toddler. Consider your child’s toddler years as practice for his or her adolescent years and independent adulthood. It is a healthy and normal stage wherein your toddler needs all the support they need. When dealing   with your headstrong kids, it is easier to prevent a tantrum than trying to reason with a child who already has one.

Try to be one step ahead in knowing your toddler’s difficult times of the day. If he or she is tired, your baby will become unreasonable. Consider putting him down for a nap before he becomes very tired. If your child is hungry, he easily becomes unreasonable, thus make sure to provide him or her healthy snacks throughout the day.  Practice patience at all times. Keep in mind that your child has a very short memory and little comprehension of why there are things that are not allowed. Spanking and scolding will not work at all during these times. You can also provide your toddler with several things to choose from to help him or her feel more in control and prevents oppositional behavior.

About Headstrong Persons

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 Headstrong persons have made a conscious choice of being what they are. It is indeed very difficult getting along with these kinds of people. You are bound to deal with one at work or even at home. Nonetheless, there are several ways to help you get along   with headstrong persons.

Consider confronting the person directly about his or her behavior. Raise your standards on what you are willing to accept. Explain to the person why things were no longer tolerable and tell him or her you want to see will happen.  While this person may decline what your demands are, at least you are aware of where you stand and could make a decision based on that.

There are times when you just have to let go as the best option if a headstrong person insists on his or her ways and injures you in some way. You have the choice to let go and move on.  Another option would be to remove that person from your life. This is a bit extreme but there are times when this is your best option. This is also to avoid the influence he or she will do in your life. While you may not be able to control everything, keep in mind that you have enough control in your life to avoid dealing with headstrong people.

Deal with Headstrong Toddlers

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 You are all familiar with the ‘terrible two’s’ stage when little kids start to budge and always want to get what they want. Many grim-faced parents find it very hard to deal with headstrong toddlers and that five-point restraints doo not sit well with wiggly youngsters. Fortunately, there are some things parents can do to deal with headstrong toddlers. First is distraction. Allow your toddler to forget that he or she is forced to restraint against his or her will. When getting in a car for instance, play a few bars of a song on a CD first and then whisk everything including the toddler to the car.

Offer treats or toys first that will lure your toddler to get in the car. Moreover, you can also tell him or her that he or she can have the treat or toy when she or he is buckled in. Your toddler will probably settle down so he or she can get the treat. If your toddler has a favorite doll, show him or her how the doll loves to get strapped into the care seat or high chair before your tot has a chance to protest. He or she might just fall into it and decide he or she wants to be strapped as well.

Grab what is available, such as novelty works that will make your toddle wonder. For instance, in a grocery store, hand him a magazine or offer him or her something new and tasty to eat. This will distract your tot long enough for you to finish your errand.

Why are men afraid of Headstrong Women?

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 Headstrong could describe something or someone that is willful or disobedient. A person who has this trait wants to do what he or she wants to do. For instance, a child who refuses to do his or her homework to watch TV is being headstrong. Headstrong persons are full of will and could be not advised or governed. Most often, they are led by opinion and often inflexible.

When it comes to relationships, most men are afraid of   headstrong women because they are independent and confident. These women could enjoy an event without a man around and just the same, she can enjoy herself on the dance floor dancing with friends.

Men are apprehensive on these types of women because they do not get persuaded easily and they strongly stand on their decisions and convictions in life. Moreover, they do not like to have men maneuver them or dictate what they are supposed to do. These women know that their goals are and where they are going and they are going to do it with or without a man in their lives. This makes it difficult for men who are used to women who depend a lot on them. In addition to that, men are afraid because women with these traits could be more successful in life than men.

Get Along with a Headstrong Person

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 A headstrong person is obstinate or stubborn and refuses to take advice from other people readily. Moreover, this kind of person refuses to change his or her mind about an opinion, idea or action he or she wants to take. So, how do you deal with a headstrong person?

When it comes to dealing with this kind of individual, the first thing that you should consider is to be flexible. Do not attempt to impose what you say to the person because this could only lead to arguments. Try to look for a common ground with the individual and do not appear as if you know a great deal than him or her. Moreover, do not tell the person that he or she is wrong and might tend to close all doors of understanding.

To make the person accept your point of view, try to show about how you feel about the idea based on what he or she said. In the event that the conversation gets heated, it is preferable to agree than to disagree. Most importantly, you should exercise patience and never allow the person to upset you since this could affect your mood. You should also be careful in your words. Consider mentioning something positive about the person’s idea once in a while to encourage him or her to understand you better.


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