Train a Bullheaded Puppy

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Sometimes, a puppy could be bullheaded and difficult to train. The first thing you should find out is why your puppy appears that way. When it comes to training a bullheaded puppy, you should consider its breed, since some breeds work very closely with humans while others work independently, away from humans, such as terriers.

Try to get your puppy’s attention; otherwise it will not learn much.  Find out what things motivate your dog best. Some dogs are highly motivated by food and will respond to treat rewards. Others love to chase and play with squeaky toys. Get a special squeaky toy and use it only for training your puppy. Figure out what gets the pup’s attention and use it to your advantage.

Set your puppy to succeed and not fail. Keep in mind to always say what you mean and   mean   what you say. Make use of hand signals and voice commands as well. Generally, dogs pay more attention to body language and tone instead of words. By combining your command word with a hand signal, your dog will have a better expectation of what is expected of it. Always be consistent and clear. Sometimes, a puppy is not really bullheaded but only too full of energy to concentrate.

Bullheaded Lyre

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 The bullheaded lyre was found in the King’s Grave royal tomb of Private Grave (PG) 789. It was constructed with silver, gold, shell, lapis lazuli, wood and bitumen. The panel depicts a hero grasping animals and also animals that act like humans, either playing music or serving at banquet. The bottom panel showcases a scorpion man and a gazelle with human forms.

It is believed by scholars that the panels on the bullheaded lyre symbolize an underworld banquet. The front panels represent a scorpion man and gazelle and an ass playing a bull lyre. The Royal Cemetery in Ur is the burial   place of the elite members of the society who held managerial or ritual roles in the palaces or temples at Ur.

The early funerals depicted in sculpture and drawings often include musicians playing harps, lyres and other musical instruments that were found in various royal tombs. Some lyres held inlays of the feasting scenes. One of the bodies in the Great Death pit near Queen Puabi was draped over a lyre the same as the bullheaded lyre, the bones of the hands places what seemed the strings. This is proof that music has been extremely important to the Early Dynastic Mesopotamia.

Dealing with Bullheaded People

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Bullheaded is another name for a stubborn person. It is difficult to deal with a bullheaded person, particularly if you have to live with him or her on a daily basis. You may also find some of these people in the workplace and friends. Nevertheless, there are ways of coping with these persons. It is important that you are aware of the different kinds of bullheaded people so you will know better how to deal with them.

Dealing with bullheaded people requires strength and tact. Avoid interactions that could lead to intense feelings or violence. Moreover, never interact with angry persons when they are drunk or carrying weapons. Remember that a person who is bullheaded is very difficult to convince and is not likely to change the way he or she views things. There is no point on insisting on what you believe even if you are right.

Let the person know that you understand his point of view and calmly voice out what you think. Do not let him or her know that he or she is wrong but it would be a good idea to let the person be aware that he or she has points but you also have points. State your views but do not insist on it. This could give him or her opportunity to understand your view on things.

Get Along with Bullheaded People

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 Bullheaded means stubborn or headstrong. It is a person who is very headstrong to a point where they are irrationally or foolishly stubborn. These people are overly opinionated, particularly in refusing to consider choices and alternatives.  A stubborn person is basically very difficult to work with since he or she believes that he or she has all the answers, regardless of opinions and facts.

You probably have encountered a bullheaded person in the workplace. Most often, you find it very hard to cope with this person. Nevertheless, these persons are not really bad but they just don’t understand and have no idea of what they are doing.

Persons who are bullheaded lack awareness and open mindedness but they do not choose to be closed minded or stupid. It is just their nature, of being who they are. When dealing with this kind of person, it is of vital importance to understand. Do not tell him or her outright that he or she is wrong. However, you could try to explain your point and to hear what he or she has to say. Although it is difficult, but there is no point in starting an argument with a person with this personality because it will only lead to further trouble.

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