Training a Stubborn Dog

 Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, tiny or big, you are bound learn on training a stubborn dog. When you consider ways of training a stubborn dog it will open your eyes on where you stand when it comes to leading your dog. If you have a puppy, one of the ways of training a stubborn one is to socialize with it. Consider making friends with other dog owners and allow the dogs to play for fifteen minutes per day.

Another way of training a stubborn dog is to take it to twelve different places and twelve various surfaces. Introducing your stubborn dog to twelve different places and surfaces will help it overcome fears of the environment. Discipline your dog in a different way, but do it correctly. When giving a command, only give it once and wait for your dog to respond. If it does not do anything or just sits there, you can repeat the command.

Try scruffing your dog when it gets difficult. It is merely holding it in your arms like a baby. Hold it tightly but not too tight that it could not breathe. Scruff your dog until it has settled down completely. Proceed on making your dog feel that you are the master. When playing tug, let your dog win only five to ten percent of the time you play.


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