Another word for Stubborn

A person who is stubborn is not willing to change his or her ideas or even to consider someone else’s arguments or reasons. Is being stubborn a natural thing? Another word for stubborn is inflexible. Other words that has the same meaning as stubborn are brassbound, adamant, implacable, inflexible, relentless, remorseless, rigid, unyielding, uncompromising, unrelenting, unbendable, intransigent and more.

Moreover, another word for stubborn could be being immovable. Words like obstinate, inflexible, mulish, intractable, pigheaded, tenacious, determined and persistent could also mean the same thing as being stubborn.

People who are stubborn often refuse to change his or her mind because they consider their point as the right one. This could lead to bigger problems in living a normal life. A stubborn person should put in his or her thoughts other people’s suggestions and thoughts. Furthermore, a stubborn person is like a selfish person who refuses to do anything for another or maybe too difficult to handle. Being stubborn is a normal thing that often comes natural to some people. People may be stubborn because they do not want to be rejected or they do not want to have someone dictate them. One should deal with a stubborn person carefully and make him or her see that other’s point of view matters as well.

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