Removing Stubborn Laundry Stains

 Probably one of your major problems are laundry stains, particularly stubborn laundry stains. Stubborn laundry stains damages, infiltrates and holds tight and refuse to let go. Nevertheless, you need not fear because stains could be vanquished as long as you know how. Although a stubborn stain could win in certain occasion, knowing what you are up to may be what it takes on reclaiming your laundry.

In removing stubborn stains, you will need a heavy duty laundry detergent, normal laundry detergent, color-safe bleach, chlorine beach, paper towels, pre-treating product and rubbing alcohol. Find out what kind of stain you are up against. Blot excess liquid on a clothing using a paper towel. Carefully read the instructions on the tag of the clothing and follow them.

Soak protein stains like milk, blood, baby food, etc. in cold water and rub the stain between your fingers. Use only cold water since using hot water would make the stain permanent. Wash clothing in detergent that has enzymes and again use only cold water. Stains caused by tannin like alcohol, coffee or juice should be washed in hot water using a normal laundry detergent. Use a chlorine-bleach for white clothing or heavy duty detergent for colors on tannin stains. Apply pre-treatment stain remover on oil-based stains like cosmetics, motor oil, butter or lotions. Treat dye stains immediately such as grass, or blueberry stains or ink. You can treat ink stains with alcohol or for older stains, pre-treat with stain remover and soak in hot water.

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