Are Men Stubborn?

 Many people consider men as stubborn individuals compared to women. Nevertheless, the important question is: Are men stubborn? Maybe it is just a common perception but not necessarily the truth. Furthermore, when it comes to stubbornness, men are not the only ones in general. Men and women can be stubborn when they tend to get what they want or have things their way.

Why are men stubborn? It is often a wonder. A lot of men consider themselves as much superior and cleverer than women. Most of the time, they do everything their way and ignoring pieces of advice. Stubborn persons are those who refuse to change their mind regarding an action or an idea. Moreover, these are people who refuse to give a clear reason or explanation for the resistance.

There are reasons why men are stubborn. Some believe that if idea is abandoned, this means that he is not important. Since he strongly believes in his ideas, a man often feels that his identity is threatened if people are not convinced by him. Sometimes, men have strong reasons for refusing to change his mind but will never reveal the reason why. The best way to deal a stubborn man is to determine what is best for both of you and show concern on things that a man wants to prioritize, such as issues about money, children and more.

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