Why are People Stubborn?

 There are different reasons on why are people stubborn. Often, it is because what they believe is true and they do not allow themselves to be pushed around regarding it. Why are people stubborn is because they have been doing it since they were young. Stubborn people do things in order to get things happen.

The stubbornness of a person could come from a deep-rooted issue or issues in their life or could be just their way to gain control and to establish hierarchy or supremacy. Another reason for stubbornness is because people get something out of it.  Some are purely stubborn because they are aware that they could outlast anyone else in an argument or conversation that results to getting their own way.  These people often give an attitude that they won’t give up and are meant on winning which makes others give in for an easy life.

People who in the past or at present feel as if they have no control over anything may usually appear stubborn. This could be more of a psychological thing that is due to low self-confidence and fear. This is probably one of the strongest kinds of stubbornness and an opposition of one’s opinion will be met with aggressive or assertive response since these people fear of feeling controlled.

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