Training a Stubborn Bichon

A bichon is a very strong-minded and intelligent dog, thus it could be particularly stubborn. Nevertheless, it is also a very charming animal, meaning that it could adept at using its charm in order to get its way. Training a stubborn bichon requires positive reinforcement and consistency of good behavior. Your pet bichon will more likely in the mood to please you if it thinks that you are happy with it, so plenty of praise will go a long way in overcoming its stubbornness.

The first thing you have to do when you train a stubborn bichon is to get up early and take it outside to the bathroom. Use one-word command when you want your bichon to go potty. Place the dog in the area where you want it to and repeat the command in an encouraging voice until it has relieved itself.

Use your voice tone to communicate with your pet if you are upset or pleased with what it has done. When it goes potty outside, say a one-word command in a tone that is praising and give it a treat. If it fails to go potty outside, say a one-word command in a stern voice. Say a one-word command in a questioning tone if your pet needs to go outside.  Stay with it until it has finished its business.  Make certain that you see it has done what it’s supposed to do.

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