Win over Stubborn Kids

stubborn child

 There are really kids that are stubborn and strong-willed. If you have a stubborn kid or living with one, you know very well that straightforward strategies of having them follow directions do not often work. To win over stubborn kids, do not resort to the usual verbal battle such as pleading or yelling but different strategies instead.

Try to use supportive, encouraging words instead of threats to help take the fight from stubborn children. For instance, you could persuade your child that once he or she puts his or her toys away, you can go to the park instead of saying that you can’t go to the park. Allow your child to explain why he or she is fighting you. You may even find out that your kid has a good point at times.

Provide options for your kids and give her a sense that he or she has some control over a situation. Explain your reason for wanting your kid to do as you say.   Phrase it in such a way that your child could see it in is or her own best interest. Consider turning difficult situations into games. Rather than demanding him or her to clean the room, make a game of seeing how fast   he or se could clean it. Always  praise your child when he or she does what you say without fighting. Make sure to thank your child when he or she follows your instruction.

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