Removing Stubborn Oil Filters

oil filter

 Oil changes are pretty easy. However, removing stubborn oil filters is not that easy. Often, oil filters get stuck onto the engine. When this occurs, it could be messy removing it. If you find it hard to remove oil filter, below are steps in removing it hassle-free.

The first step to remove stubborn oil filter is to locate it.  Remove it by using a big locking wrench or else an oil filter removal wrench and turn it counter-clockwise.  Use a rag to wipe the area clean of excess oil and dirt which also contributes to the difficulty in removing   the filter. There are some tools you can use to remove oil filters. Some of the tools include a band wrench. Put a small strip of sandpaper between the filter and tool for traction.  Position the wrench as near the base as possible so you do not crush the canister.

One method to remove stubborn oil filters is the screwdriver. Nevertheless, this could often leave the oil filter ruined and leaves the base still attached. This could also be quite messy. Refrain from using this method unless you are skilled enough to pull it off without destroying anything.  Another method is the leather belt. Take a padded leather belt and loop onto the filter with the buckle end away from you, then pull on the loose end with a consistent and firm pressure.

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