The Headstrong Foundation


 The HEADstrong foundation for blood cancer is all about looking for a cure for all   cancers that are related to the blood. The foundation is created and dedicated to Nicholas Colleluori, a blood cancer victim, its founder.

HEADstrong Foundation started in the year 2005, when Nicholas was diagnosed   with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a kind of blood cancer affecting the lymphatic system. During this battle with the disease, undergoing intense radiation, chemotherapy, etc., he was determined to begin a foundation that supports blood cancer community.  The name HEADstrong stems from his childhood nickname ‘HEAD’ and the word strong that define his physical and mental toughness.

Regardless of his failing health, Nick spent a lot of hours in front of his laptop learning about non-profit organizations and making word documents of what he has in mind. Days before he passed, his energy for others was communicated to his family and he made them promise that they would make his vision come true. On November 28, 2006, Nick finally lost his battle to lymphoma. Despite this, he was able to establish   the framework for the foundation and he has since then impacted the lives of thousands of people who have blood cancers of different kinds.

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