Train a Bullheaded Puppy


Sometimes, a puppy could be bullheaded and difficult to train. The first thing you should find out is why your puppy appears that way. When it comes to training a bullheaded puppy, you should consider its breed, since some breeds work very closely with humans while others work independently, away from humans, such as terriers.

Try to get your puppy’s attention; otherwise it will not learn much.  Find out what things motivate your dog best. Some dogs are highly motivated by food and will respond to treat rewards. Others love to chase and play with squeaky toys. Get a special squeaky toy and use it only for training your puppy. Figure out what gets the pup’s attention and use it to your advantage.

Set your puppy to succeed and not fail. Keep in mind to always say what you mean and   mean   what you say. Make use of hand signals and voice commands as well. Generally, dogs pay more attention to body language and tone instead of words. By combining your command word with a hand signal, your dog will have a better expectation of what is expected of it. Always be consistent and clear. Sometimes, a puppy is not really bullheaded but only too full of energy to concentrate.

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