Can you remove Stubborn Warts?

Removing stubborn warts could definitely be frustrating. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can do to remove these stubborn warts. Vitamin C could actually kill off warts that have existed for years. Crush vitamin C into small bits and add a little water until it turns into a pasty substance and put in your warts.  Cover with small bandages.  Do this several times a day for a few weeks before the warts will start to fall off.

Garlic is another way to get rid of stubborn warts. Rub garlic cloves onto the surface of the wart several times a day. You can also opt to use over-the-counter medicated pad to assess the wart. Most warts could be removed by using these pads. Nevertheless, for really stubborn ones, they require more intense removal methods.

Consider using an at-home wart freezing system.  While a wart has not responded to the pads, it will usually be destroyed by a single freezing treatment.  It could take up to two weeks for the warts to fall off. In case your warts do not respond to home treatment methods, have your doctor apply cantharidin which will cause them to blister and could be removed along with the warts.

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