Tips in Removing Stubborn Blackheads


 Blackheads happen when the pores of the skin is plugged and dilated by a combination of dead skin cells, oil, bacteria and dirt. When the pores are exposed to oxygen, these darken and thus the name is derived. Exfoliation and daily washing will remove most blackheads but some may be stubborn and need more attention.

When removing stubborn   blackheads, consider rubbing the face with a fine-grained exfoliating cream and loofah washcloth or sponge. Place warm compress on the area for fifteen minutes to soften and press down gently on either side of the blackhead using your fingertips. You can also use a pore strip to remove blackheads on your nose. After you wet your nose, place a strip with the sticky side down on the area and wet the strip and wait for ten minutes. Remove the strip as soon as it is hard.

Consider applying an acne mask and let dry and peel away. You can buy acne masks in most stores. You might also want to have a chemical peel to removed stubborn blackheads that stay after a home treatment. This method unclogs pores and removes blackheads. There are dermatologists who perform a chemical peel in their office or clinic.

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