Removing a Stubborn Wallpaper


 Removing stubborn wallpaper is not really an appealing thing to do, particularly if it is old and stuck to the wall. Nevertheless, there are some tips that make stripping off stubborn wallpaper easier.

First, you should have the right tools that could create tiny holes or score the wallpaper to make it easier to get moisture behind to soak it away   from the wall. This has become a necessity with stubborn wallpapers. Plastic scrapers and knives usually work best for chipping wallpaper away. Next, mix some white vinegar and a bit of dishwashing   soap in hot water to wash over the surface. You can   also use a fabric softener in the hot water instead of soap and vinegar. Sponge on the liquid and use a rag or spray with a plastic spray bottle.

Do one area at a time and perforate thee paper with a circular tool, and then s oak the paper with a hot water solution. Wait for thirty minutes then peel off the paper. Wash off or scrape remaining glue with the use of a tri sodium phosphate mixed in the water. If you want, you and get some commercial help such as a   DIF wallpaper stripper or you may rent a wallpaper streamer form the hardware or home center.

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