Remove Stubborn Carpet Stains

 Stubborn carpet stains may seem impossible to remove. Nevertheless, whether you are dealing with a spilled drink, pet stain and other stubborn residue, always resist the temptation to scrub relentlessly because this could ruin your carpet. There are some solutions you can use in order to remove and dissolve these stains.

Pour one cup warm water unto an empty and clean spray bottle and add around ¼ tsp. dishwashing soap. Let the soap dissolve into the water and spray solution to a clean and non-abrasive cloth. Dab moist cloth over the stain area. Continue dabbing with the cloth until it dissolves.  Moisten a second cloth with cold water then dab the area to remove the detergent. Lightly moisten the cloth but do not soak it. ]

Dry the carpet and place a layer of paper towels or a towel over the damp area and place a heavy object to effectively absorb the liquid. Leave overnight and remove in the morning. You may also dry a lightly moist carpet by putting a dehumidifier next to the area and turn it on until the carpet is dry.  Sprinkle baking soda over the carpet to remove odors associated with the stain, which is especially helpful for pet messes. Let the baking soda set for around fifteen minutes and then vacuum the carpet.