Understanding a Stubborn Person

 A stubborn person is someone who refuses to provide a clear reason for his or her resistance. This person refuses to change his or her mind about an   action or an idea. There may be reasons why some people behave stubbornly in some instances   but there are also people who are by nature stubborn and resist change in spite of the situation.

If you have to deal wit a stubborn person, then it is important to have an idea of why some people act and behave stubbornly. A person’s stubbornness may be due to his or her lack of understanding, information or knowledge. Another reason is pride. Keep in mind that stubborn persons like to be right all the time and if proved wrong, they will look for a way to make what they said to be right. Stubbornness also occurs if a person fear or does not like change or the unknown. New places and situations could be scary and instead of admitting their fear, some people will appear to be headstrong.

You have to practice patience when   it comes to dealing with this kind of people. It doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be persuaded, but you just have to change your persuasion techniques. There are several ways of persuading these persons without having to resort to arguments.