Deal with your Headstrong Toddler

 One minute your toddler is your baby and the next he or she is a raging tyrant, kicking and screaming on the floor. This is what they call as having a headstrong toddler. Moreover, these times are called the years of the ‘terrible two’s ‘or ‘terrible threes’.

A lot of parents feel they are failures because of their headstrong toddler. Consider your child’s toddler years as practice for his or her adolescent years and independent adulthood. It is a healthy and normal stage wherein your toddler needs all the support they need. When dealing   with your headstrong kids, it is easier to prevent a tantrum than trying to reason with a child who already has one.

Try to be one step ahead in knowing your toddler’s difficult times of the day. If he or she is tired, your baby will become unreasonable. Consider putting him down for a nap before he becomes very tired. If your child is hungry, he easily becomes unreasonable, thus make sure to provide him or her healthy snacks throughout the day.  Practice patience at all times. Keep in mind that your child has a very short memory and little comprehension of why there are things that are not allowed. Spanking and scolding will not work at all during these times. You can also provide your toddler with several things to choose from to help him or her feel more in control and prevents oppositional behavior.

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