Dealing with a Stubborn Employee

 A person’s courage is revealed when he or she knows when to pull out of a confrontation. In every company or organization, as a boss you are bound to meet stubborn employees. Keep in mind that whatever the reason for an employees’ stubbornness, the issues should be addressed before it could negatively affect the productivity of the company.

When dealing with a stubborn employee, you should first eliminate confusion by explaining the responsibilities, duties and behavioral expectations. Provide a written explanation as well. If the employee becomes upset, stay calm and do not join in the emotional exchanges over disagreements. Be firm regarding what is expected from the employee but never dwell on the past negative behavior. Look for positive solutions that promote change in the behavior.

It is important to listen to his or her concerns and find out the reasons why your employee refuses to comply with the expectations of the company. For people undergoing personal difficult problems, recommend outside help.  Keep in mind that people who are greatly affected by personal concerns could show these within the workplace. Treat him or her fairly and consistently. Avoid allowing any personal judgments regarding the person affect your professional management duties.

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