Deal with a Stubborn Horse

 Each and every equestrian in the world knows that regardless of the horse breed you are dealing with, there are really times when it will show its stubborn streak. So, what do you do with a stubborn horse?

Keep in mind that horses too have bad days. Allow it to have one of those days. Avoid rushing your horse through whatever troubles it. Take into consideration its point of view.  For instance, if it is hesitant to step forward, check out the landscape and try to find out if there is anything unusual or unexpected. Again, refrain from rushing your horse because it will know that it isn’t being respected and this is a surefire way of bringing out its inner mule.

Most people and even equestrians for that matter look at horse’s objects. Many view them in terms of how much work they could do and how much pleasure one derives from riding them. Consider viewing them as companions. This could be a way to a more understanding relationship. As long as horses are safe from injury, you can   separate them and allow them to run, whine or pout.  When   dealing with horses, you should not look at them only as animals but try to look at them as your ally.

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