Stubborn Preschoolers

 During preschool years, kids star to discover who they are. They explore their power. When dealing with a stubborn preschooler, it could be quite testing and involves power struggle with their tantrums. Introducing your child to methods in order to control his or her stubborn behavior helps build a loving and strong relationship.

Observe your preschooler for several days and jot down situations wherein he or she is acting stubbornly. Look for a patter and avoid these situations if possible. Alter routines so activities like choosing clothes for the next day are done ahead before bedtime. Consider offering your kid an option so he or she will feel involved in the decision   making. Make the offer in a way that he or she has limited choice.

Be calm always and discuss behavior on another occasion, not when your child is acting stubborn. Talk and listen to your child and create a relationship wherein you respect each other’s opinions. Nonetheless, tell your child that there are some decisions that you have to make so this will prepare him or her when you make it. Always explain the reason behind the decision. Encourage and help your child share toys with other children. Later on talk about how fun it was to share and play with other kids.

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