Deal with Headstrong Toddlers

 You are all familiar with the ‘terrible two’s’ stage when little kids start to budge and always want to get what they want. Many grim-faced parents find it very hard to deal with headstrong toddlers and that five-point restraints doo not sit well with wiggly youngsters. Fortunately, there are some things parents can do to deal with headstrong toddlers. First is distraction. Allow your toddler to forget that he or she is forced to restraint against his or her will. When getting in a car for instance, play a few bars of a song on a CD first and then whisk everything including the toddler to the car.

Offer treats or toys first that will lure your toddler to get in the car. Moreover, you can also tell him or her that he or she can have the treat or toy when she or he is buckled in. Your toddler will probably settle down so he or she can get the treat. If your toddler has a favorite doll, show him or her how the doll loves to get strapped into the care seat or high chair before your tot has a chance to protest. He or she might just fall into it and decide he or she wants to be strapped as well.

Grab what is available, such as novelty works that will make your toddle wonder. For instance, in a grocery store, hand him a magazine or offer him or her something new and tasty to eat. This will distract your tot long enough for you to finish your errand.

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