Dealing with a Stubborn Woman

 Being stubborn is common among man and woman but the stubbornness in a woman is stronger than the man. There are some people who believe that a woman is a reflection of her mother if she is authoritative and controlling. However, others disagree and believe that a woman is stubborn because of her emotional nature to be one to force a man to understand her and respect her views.

There may be two good reasons why a woman is stubborn and strong.  Either she had come through life on her own or a man is not there to take some of the hardships of life along with her. Most women get frustrated when a man comes home from work and sets there staring into space and consider all the problems on their shoulders and never taking some time to ask his girlfriend or wife about how their day was. Men forgetting that there are women who not only goes to work but have to come home to clean, cook and look after the children, pay bills and many more. This could cause stubbornness in a woman.

The best way to deal with this is to ask the woman about her feelings and really listen to her. Many men really do not listen and this is the most frustrating trait a man has that many women detest. Consider giving each other a short holiday to take some time off.

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