How to Deal with a Stubborn Parent

 Many people do not like to be told what to do, particularly by their children. Kids today are smart, and are aware of what is going on. Although parents have the experience and wisdom to know what is right and wrong, there will come a time when they become stubborn as they grow older, especially if they are suffering from an illness. They could become paranoid and insist on his or her own will. This could be quite a burden to the grown-up children.

It is hard to watch a parent grow old when their body gradually becomes less able to do things. They could be angry or depressed and often this leads to stubbornness. However, there are some things you can do to deal with this and stop fighting. First, you should have an honest view of your parent’s situation and consider a more aggressive approach to deal with it.

Try to use gentle nudging with a stubborn parent instead of a direct confrontation. Most of the time, simply making a request or suggestion will get you further instead of giving directions. Remember that they are still your parents and they could have a hard time accepting what you say sometimes, but this is only natural and normal. Keep a rational conversation with your parent instead of allowing things to become intense emotionally.  Lastly, learn to give in when it is not necessary. Keep in mind that when you were growing up, your mother and dad allows some of your stubborn behaviors, so you could do the same for them now.

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