Stubborn Chest Congestion Remedy

 You should not take stubborn chest congestion lightly, since it restricts breathing and giving your body less than the ideal amounts of oxygen. Moreover, it may also be a sign of other ailments such as HIV. If the congestion persists for more than several days or you have fever and cough up even a little blood, go to your doctor immediately for diagnosis. There are also stubborn chest congestion remedies you can try at home.

One of these remedies is to steam. It helps loosen up mucus and makes breathing easier. A steamy and hot shower may do the trick so you will feel better. Another way is to use herbs to treat chest congestion. Turmeric is a popular choice to relieve congestion. Mix one teaspoon of it in glass of warm water and drink this three times a day. Ginger is also effective. You can mix one teaspoon ginger juice with honey or lime juice and drink this also three times a day.

Another way to treat stubborn congestion is to drink hot tea. It loosens up the congestion and sinuses. You can also try broth-based soup or chicken noodle soup and don’t’ forget to drink plenty of fluids, ten glasses everyday and avoid drinking milk which can thicken the mucus.

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