Obstinate Toy Soldier

 The Obstinate Toy Soldier is a chapter in C.S. Lewis’ book titled Mere Christianity. The chapter has great points and takes a reader step by step through. It talks about how people are consumed with here and now. Lewis uses the obstinate toy soldier analogy in describing how Christians are transformed to Christ’s likeness.

In the book, Lewis opens this chapter by reminding people of the present state of mankind and the purpose of why God became man. In paragraph two of the chapter, it tells about the natural and spiritual life that is not only separate but also opposing sides. The author describes this since people are born one way but God wants people in another way. If both the natural and spiritual life is combined, the way people do things normally in the process will be destroyed.

It is the same analogy regarding the people who were brought up dirty and fears of taking a bath. Paragraph three indicates that people try and make a toy soldier human but the toy does not see it as helping but trying to destroy it. There are times when people view God this way despite the fact that He is trying to save people’s souls.

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