Stubborn Donkey

Donkeys are also called Burros and Asses. These animals have been beasts of burdens for thousands of years but in modern areas, people know very little about them. This animal is also considered as a stubborn donkey. It is a grey, short animal around three or four feet high. A donkey is usually used for packing children around the beach in England or to carry heavy loads.

Donkeys have a lifespan of thirty to forty-five years which make them live longer than a horse. Moreover, they are more resistant to colic, a stomach problem which could be deadly in equines of all kinds. Donkeys are thought unfairly to be stupid and stubborn. Nonetheless, those who keep them say that these animals are single minded and highly intelligent. This means that they could be commanded into dangerous situations, unlike horses.

In general, it is an unfair judgment that donkeys are stubborn and dead slow. Donkeys are native to the Mediterranean   islands of Sardinia and Sicily, but there are not many left in the area and restrictions on importing have been applied. An   original miniature donkey is a true breed of its land. They are hardy animals and require little feeding. In summer, donkey’s nutritional requirements could be met on a pasture.

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