How to Delete Stubborn Cookies

 On your computer, cookies are left through your web browser by the different sites that you visit. Cookies help sites remember your log-in information, settings and personal information. Nonetheless, if you are concerned on your privacy, there are ways on how to delete stubborn cookies from your computer. The process of removing these cookies is quite simple.

The method of how to delete stubborn  cookies begin with opening the windows ‘start’ menu and typing ‘inetcpl.cpl’ to the search box and then click ‘enter’ to be able to open the ‘internet properties’ control panel. The next thing you have to do is to open the ‘general’ tab of the internet properties and then click delete below or beneath the ‘browsing history’.

Choose ‘cookies’ and other options that you want to delete from your computer’s browsing history. Click ‘delete’ so cookies will be removed from your computer. However, there are instances when even if you have successfully deleted most of these cookies, there are really stubborn cookies that could not be deleted by a simple procedure. What you can do is to check out some software that allows you to delete stubborn cookies and follow the procedure carefully so you will succeed in getting rid of stubborn cookies from your computer.

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