Clear Stubborn Clog in Toilet

One of the most usual plumbing problems in the home is a clogged toilet. One of the effective ways to clear stubborn clog in toilet is the use of a plunger. For more stubborn clog that won’t budget, an auger could do the job as well. When using a toilet auger to clear stubborn clog in toilet, there are some things that you should take into consideration.

You should only flush once and if it will not flush the first time, do not attempt to flush again since this lead to more water pumped to the toilet bowl. A second flush could cause the bowl to overflow. Do not forget to put on rubber gloves as you work. This will protect you from the germs around the toilet. To minimize possible damage, considering putting newspapers on the floor or paper towels. This will make for easier cleaning when there are minor spills and splashes.

You should also make sure that the water supply is off for the toilet. This will prevent flooding in the bathroom. Furthermore, you should also make certain that the bathroom has good circulation of air. Turn the ventilation on or open a window to reduce foul smells and protect against possible toxic fumes from chemical products you may use.

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