How to Kill Stubborn Weeds

 Weeds make a pretty yard look hideous. There are times when weeds can be real stubborn and never go away. Nevertheless, there are several ways to kill stubborn weeds. If you are patient enough, you can do it and save your yard.

When attempting to kill stubborn weeds, you can use a weed removal formula that you can buy at a home improvement store. Be careful when using a weed killer since some might also kill the grass. Use a garden fork and insert it next to the root of the weed, push down and pull back so the root pops out.

You can also use a fertilizer with a weed killer on it. This can be purchased at many garden stores. Aside from killing stubborn weeds, this is also good for your lawn and helps the grass to grow and look nice. Another option to get rid of stubborn weeds is to rototil the entire yard. This will get rid of all the weeds so you can lay down sod. This could mean hard work but you can hire a company to do it for you. Make sure to set aside an amount since this can be really expensive. However, some companies could offer a sale or a discount.

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