Stubborn Leg Hair

Excess and stubborn leg hair is a nightmare on most some and some men as well. It will continue to grow unless one gets rid of it for good. There are several ways of removing stubborn leg hair. One is shaving, which is the most affordable and easiest way to remove leg hair. Always use safety razors. Have a shaving gel or cream and apply it before you shave so the skin will retain its moisture and softness.

When you shave, you should glide the bladed opposite the growth of hair. Begin at the ankle and slowly draw the razor up to the leg. Do not shave dry or sunburned skin. You can also use depilatory creams if you are in a hurry to remove your leg hair. They are easy to apply and very effective. Nevertheless, these creams are not for those with very sensitive skin since they contain chemicals formulated to burn off hair.

Waxing is another way to get rid off leg hair. It provides longer-lasting results compared to shaving and has a smooth surface. Unlike shaving when hair grows back courses, this could result in finer growth of hair. This occurs since waxing pulls the hair out from below the skin surface. There are waxing services at salons.


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