Remove Stubborn Wallpaper

To remove stubborn wallpaper is not a very enjoyable thing in the world, particularly if y our wallpaper is really old and stuck to the wall. Nevertheless, there are several ways on  how to remove stubborn wallpaper that can help you strip it off.

The first thing that you have to do is to choose the right hand tools. Choose tools that you can make small holes or score your wallpaper to make it easy to get moisture behind the material. This is particularly helpful with stubborn old wallpapers. Use liquid help and mix some white vinegar and a bit of dishwashing soap in hot water for washing over the surface. You can also use a fabric softener in the hot water instead of soap and vinegar. Use a rag or spray with plastic spray bottle.

Do one a single area at a time in succession then soak the paper with a hot water solution. Wait for half an hour then peel off the paper. Wash off or scrape off any remaining glue with a little tri sodium phosphate mixed in water. You may also opt for some commercial help and use wallpaper strippers such as DIF wallpaper stripper or you could rent a wallpaper steamer from a local hardware or a home center.

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