Deal with Headstrong Toddlers

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 You are all familiar with the ‘terrible two’s’ stage when little kids start to budge and always want to get what they want. Many grim-faced parents find it very hard to deal with headstrong toddlers and that five-point restraints doo not sit well with wiggly youngsters. Fortunately, there are some things parents can do to deal with headstrong toddlers. First is distraction. Allow your toddler to forget that he or she is forced to restraint against his or her will. When getting in a car for instance, play a few bars of a song on a CD first and then whisk everything including the toddler to the car.

Offer treats or toys first that will lure your toddler to get in the car. Moreover, you can also tell him or her that he or she can have the treat or toy when she or he is buckled in. Your toddler will probably settle down so he or she can get the treat. If your toddler has a favorite doll, show him or her how the doll loves to get strapped into the care seat or high chair before your tot has a chance to protest. He or she might just fall into it and decide he or she wants to be strapped as well.

Grab what is available, such as novelty works that will make your toddle wonder. For instance, in a grocery store, hand him a magazine or offer him or her something new and tasty to eat. This will distract your tot long enough for you to finish your errand.

Training your Stubborn Dog

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 Most dog trainers are asked to deal with stubborn dog. Actually, the dog is not really stubborn but is either bored or not certain of what his owner is saying. For dogs that are considered stubborn who refuse to sit, a clicker training might be successful. This allows you to clearly communicate with your dog when it does something right or wrong.

First, you should introduce your dog too the clicker and give him a treat each time you click. Repeat several times until he reacts to it by looking for a treat. Teach your dog to put his paw in the box on the floor and have a clicker and treats ready for your dog. Slowly increase the criteria. Once the dog comprehends that you want it to put its paw on the box, give the action a name like ‘paw’ or ‘step’. Say it just as your dog is putting its paw in the box, then click and treat.

Use the same method to teach a stubborn dog an important behavior, like ‘down’ or ‘sit’. These are actions they perform on their own and thus easy to learn.  Always keep a clicker and treats handy. Repeat the process with other behaviors and the more behaviors you are able to teach your dog, the faster it will learn new things.

Tips on Removing Stubborn Stains

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 Could not seem to get a stubborn stain off a favorite garment? Stop fretting because there are some stain removal methods that will help you eliminate stubborn stains from blood to tar. There is a great chance that you could remove all stain traces if you react with the right cleaning tools.

You should first focus on limiting the damage by using a white plain cloth or a paper towel to blot the spill to minimize spreading. Move solids by using a blunt knife or a spoon so not to damage the surface. Make certain that you identify the type of stain on your clothing, such as grease-based or water-based stain and so on. You can unlock the stain by turning it to liquid. Nevertheless, do not use water that is too hot since this could   make the stain permanent.

For blood stains on clothing, pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and proceed to wiping off each drop of blood. If it is not possible to do the laundry right away, you could pre-treat stains immediately. For chewing gum stains, put the garment in the freezer for at least an hour. When you take it out, the gum will peel right off.  For wax on a garment, you could put an ice cube in a Ziploc bag then rub the wax until it is thoroughly frozen so it will chip off easily.  Vinegar is great for removing perspiration stains off shirts.

Removing Stubborn Weeds

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 Gardening is a good way to escape from the daily life stress through working with your hands and establishing contact with nature. Stubborn weeds are unwanted in your lawn or garden for several reasons. First, they look unsightly since its color clashes unappealingly against your flowers, healthy grass and vegetables. In addition to that, they compete with anything that ought to make plants grow.

To remove stubborn weeds, the most common method is to dig up and remove them from the roots. You should be careful in doing these if the woods are near the roots of the plants you want. Moreover, you could also plant flower, crops or vegetables that compete well with stubborn weeds. Choose plants that grow fast like potatoes.

You could also try mulching which involves blocking the sunlight for the weeds so they will not grow. Definitely you could opt for the easy way such as using herbicide to spray the weeds but. Nevertheless, this could kill off some of the desirable plants in your garden so better be careful. Keep in mind that any kind of weed is annoying and they could completely destroy your garden plans. Do not let stubborn weeds take over your garden and do every tactic that is possible.

Dealing with a Stubborn Woman

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 Being stubborn is common among man and woman but the stubbornness in a woman is stronger than the man. There are some people who believe that a woman is a reflection of her mother if she is authoritative and controlling. However, others disagree and believe that a woman is stubborn because of her emotional nature to be one to force a man to understand her and respect her views.

There may be two good reasons why a woman is stubborn and strong.  Either she had come through life on her own or a man is not there to take some of the hardships of life along with her. Most women get frustrated when a man comes home from work and sets there staring into space and consider all the problems on their shoulders and never taking some time to ask his girlfriend or wife about how their day was. Men forgetting that there are women who not only goes to work but have to come home to clean, cook and look after the children, pay bills and many more. This could cause stubbornness in a woman.

The best way to deal with this is to ask the woman about her feelings and really listen to her. Many men really do not listen and this is the most frustrating trait a man has that many women detest. Consider giving each other a short holiday to take some time off.

Why are men afraid of Headstrong Women?

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 Headstrong could describe something or someone that is willful or disobedient. A person who has this trait wants to do what he or she wants to do. For instance, a child who refuses to do his or her homework to watch TV is being headstrong. Headstrong persons are full of will and could be not advised or governed. Most often, they are led by opinion and often inflexible.

When it comes to relationships, most men are afraid of   headstrong women because they are independent and confident. These women could enjoy an event without a man around and just the same, she can enjoy herself on the dance floor dancing with friends.

Men are apprehensive on these types of women because they do not get persuaded easily and they strongly stand on their decisions and convictions in life. Moreover, they do not like to have men maneuver them or dictate what they are supposed to do. These women know that their goals are and where they are going and they are going to do it with or without a man in their lives. This makes it difficult for men who are used to women who depend a lot on them. In addition to that, men are afraid because women with these traits could be more successful in life than men.

How to Deal with a Stubborn Parent

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 Many people do not like to be told what to do, particularly by their children. Kids today are smart, and are aware of what is going on. Although parents have the experience and wisdom to know what is right and wrong, there will come a time when they become stubborn as they grow older, especially if they are suffering from an illness. They could become paranoid and insist on his or her own will. This could be quite a burden to the grown-up children.

It is hard to watch a parent grow old when their body gradually becomes less able to do things. They could be angry or depressed and often this leads to stubbornness. However, there are some things you can do to deal with this and stop fighting. First, you should have an honest view of your parent’s situation and consider a more aggressive approach to deal with it.

Try to use gentle nudging with a stubborn parent instead of a direct confrontation. Most of the time, simply making a request or suggestion will get you further instead of giving directions. Remember that they are still your parents and they could have a hard time accepting what you say sometimes, but this is only natural and normal. Keep a rational conversation with your parent instead of allowing things to become intense emotionally.  Lastly, learn to give in when it is not necessary. Keep in mind that when you were growing up, your mother and dad allows some of your stubborn behaviors, so you could do the same for them now.

Discipline a Stubborn Child

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 The key to discipline a stubborn child is through consistency. As a parent, you should set rules and should be consistent in enforcing these rules and taking out your punishment when your child ignores the rules. Otherwise, your child will ignore them and make life harder for you.

When you discipline a stubborn child, the first thing that you have to consider is to communicate to him or her expectations and rules. Moreover, you should also explain the penalties for misbehavior, however minor like refusing to eat vegetables or something major such as drawing the wall with crayons. Let your child know why the behavior is non-acceptable. You should be assertive without losing your temper or yelling at your child. It is difficult when you lose your cool. Be firm and calm when stating the punishment. ]

Show your kids, particularly older ones the consequences when they ignore your rules. For instance, if a child has not done his or her assignment before playing should not be allowed to stay late at night in order to do the work. The child will have to go to school with uncompleted work and may learn from the resulting effects of poor grades not to break the rules again.

When Being Stubborn is Good

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 Is being stubborn good? Sometimes, being stubborn is good when you stick to your guns to get what you know is right for you. Everyone could be stubborn in some cases, particularly if one does not agree on something or one’s character is at stake. People tend to argue and have an ego battle instead of coming to a conclusion peacefully.

Stubbornness is good if you use it as strength instead of a weakness since it could easily be both, depending on what the situation is. For instance, if you have a goal of playing basketball, you will never make it anywhere if you give up easily and you are easily discouraged when  people tell you what you can and cannot do.

If you stand firm about it and prove them wrong, then that is empowering.  There are times when standing in your ground is vital. Nevertheless, you should temper your stubbornness with the reality that everybody needs to get along and nobody is perfect and nobody is right or wrong most of the time. It is vital to keep an open mind when you insist on what you think or believe to be right. Use your stubbornness in a positive way such as obtaining your goal.

Get Along with a Headstrong Person

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 A headstrong person is obstinate or stubborn and refuses to take advice from other people readily. Moreover, this kind of person refuses to change his or her mind about an opinion, idea or action he or she wants to take. So, how do you deal with a headstrong person?

When it comes to dealing with this kind of individual, the first thing that you should consider is to be flexible. Do not attempt to impose what you say to the person because this could only lead to arguments. Try to look for a common ground with the individual and do not appear as if you know a great deal than him or her. Moreover, do not tell the person that he or she is wrong and might tend to close all doors of understanding.

To make the person accept your point of view, try to show about how you feel about the idea based on what he or she said. In the event that the conversation gets heated, it is preferable to agree than to disagree. Most importantly, you should exercise patience and never allow the person to upset you since this could affect your mood. You should also be careful in your words. Consider mentioning something positive about the person’s idea once in a while to encourage him or her to understand you better.


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