Deal with your Headstrong Toddler

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 One minute your toddler is your baby and the next he or she is a raging tyrant, kicking and screaming on the floor. This is what they call as having a headstrong toddler. Moreover, these times are called the years of the ‘terrible two’s ‘or ‘terrible threes’.

A lot of parents feel they are failures because of their headstrong toddler. Consider your child’s toddler years as practice for his or her adolescent years and independent adulthood. It is a healthy and normal stage wherein your toddler needs all the support they need. When dealing   with your headstrong kids, it is easier to prevent a tantrum than trying to reason with a child who already has one.

Try to be one step ahead in knowing your toddler’s difficult times of the day. If he or she is tired, your baby will become unreasonable. Consider putting him down for a nap before he becomes very tired. If your child is hungry, he easily becomes unreasonable, thus make sure to provide him or her healthy snacks throughout the day.  Practice patience at all times. Keep in mind that your child has a very short memory and little comprehension of why there are things that are not allowed. Spanking and scolding will not work at all during these times. You can also provide your toddler with several things to choose from to help him or her feel more in control and prevents oppositional behavior.

Dealing with a Stubborn Employee

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 A person’s courage is revealed when he or she knows when to pull out of a confrontation. In every company or organization, as a boss you are bound to meet stubborn employees. Keep in mind that whatever the reason for an employees’ stubbornness, the issues should be addressed before it could negatively affect the productivity of the company.

When dealing with a stubborn employee, you should first eliminate confusion by explaining the responsibilities, duties and behavioral expectations. Provide a written explanation as well. If the employee becomes upset, stay calm and do not join in the emotional exchanges over disagreements. Be firm regarding what is expected from the employee but never dwell on the past negative behavior. Look for positive solutions that promote change in the behavior.

It is important to listen to his or her concerns and find out the reasons why your employee refuses to comply with the expectations of the company. For people undergoing personal difficult problems, recommend outside help.  Keep in mind that people who are greatly affected by personal concerns could show these within the workplace. Treat him or her fairly and consistently. Avoid allowing any personal judgments regarding the person affect your professional management duties.

Obstinate Defiant Disorder

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 An obstinate defiant disorder is a serious psychiatric condition that affects two to sixteen percent of all children. If left untreated, this could result to many other kinds of disorders in the patient’s life.

Obstinate defiant disorder is characterized by an ongoing pattern of hostile, disobedient and defiant behavior to authority figures that goes beyond normal childhood behavior. Those with this behavior may seem stubborn, have tantrums, tend to bully and vandalize. Most are unable to take ‘no’ for an answer and annoying others intentionally. Kids with this disorder are disobedient and hostile toward authority figures and adults. For this condition to be diagnosed, this should occur for a period of six months.

Moreover, this condition is characterized by the frequent happening of at least four of the behaviors such as arguing with adults, losing temper, defying actively or refusing to comply with the requests of adults. Children with this behavior doing things that annoy other people deliberately. They also tend to blame other people for his or her mistakes or misbehavior. They are also very touch and are easily annoyed by others, resentful, angry and spiteful and even vindictive. Children showing signs of this condition should be attended to immediately so as not to cause further damage on his or her being as a whole.


About Headstrong Persons

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 Headstrong persons have made a conscious choice of being what they are. It is indeed very difficult getting along with these kinds of people. You are bound to deal with one at work or even at home. Nonetheless, there are several ways to help you get along   with headstrong persons.

Consider confronting the person directly about his or her behavior. Raise your standards on what you are willing to accept. Explain to the person why things were no longer tolerable and tell him or her you want to see will happen.  While this person may decline what your demands are, at least you are aware of where you stand and could make a decision based on that.

There are times when you just have to let go as the best option if a headstrong person insists on his or her ways and injures you in some way. You have the choice to let go and move on.  Another option would be to remove that person from your life. This is a bit extreme but there are times when this is your best option. This is also to avoid the influence he or she will do in your life. While you may not be able to control everything, keep in mind that you have enough control in your life to avoid dealing with headstrong people.

Deal with a Stubborn Horse

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 Each and every equestrian in the world knows that regardless of the horse breed you are dealing with, there are really times when it will show its stubborn streak. So, what do you do with a stubborn horse?

Keep in mind that horses too have bad days. Allow it to have one of those days. Avoid rushing your horse through whatever troubles it. Take into consideration its point of view.  For instance, if it is hesitant to step forward, check out the landscape and try to find out if there is anything unusual or unexpected. Again, refrain from rushing your horse because it will know that it isn’t being respected and this is a surefire way of bringing out its inner mule.

Most people and even equestrians for that matter look at horse’s objects. Many view them in terms of how much work they could do and how much pleasure one derives from riding them. Consider viewing them as companions. This could be a way to a more understanding relationship. As long as horses are safe from injury, you can   separate them and allow them to run, whine or pout.  When   dealing with horses, you should not look at them only as animals but try to look at them as your ally.

Remove Stubborn Belly Fat

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 For most people, a stubborn belly fat is embarrassing and could greatly contribute to low self-esteem, since it draws attention and makes you a recipient of unfriendly stares. The major reasons for belly fat are unhealthy diet and inactivity. If you want to get rid of your stubborn belly fat, check out the items below.

It is important to create a new diet. Make a calculation of how much calories you eat daily and try cutting down at least 200 calories per day. Minimize or cut out sugar intake and soda. Drink only water all throughout the day. Perform cardiovascular exercises. If running is not an option, consider swimming, jumping rope, jogging or walking. Do anything that elevates your heart rate and boosts oxygen intake. This   helps increase metabolism and help in removing stubborn belly fat.

It would not be a good idea to focus on ab workouts and exercises; this is because this only strengthens your abs. While you could have the strongest abs in the world, but if you have belly fat that covers them, nobody will notice. Keep your focus on toning down fat in the belly and afterwards you can focus on having great looking abs.

Stubborn Preschoolers

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 During preschool years, kids star to discover who they are. They explore their power. When dealing with a stubborn preschooler, it could be quite testing and involves power struggle with their tantrums. Introducing your child to methods in order to control his or her stubborn behavior helps build a loving and strong relationship.

Observe your preschooler for several days and jot down situations wherein he or she is acting stubbornly. Look for a patter and avoid these situations if possible. Alter routines so activities like choosing clothes for the next day are done ahead before bedtime. Consider offering your kid an option so he or she will feel involved in the decision   making. Make the offer in a way that he or she has limited choice.

Be calm always and discuss behavior on another occasion, not when your child is acting stubborn. Talk and listen to your child and create a relationship wherein you respect each other’s opinions. Nonetheless, tell your child that there are some decisions that you have to make so this will prepare him or her when you make it. Always explain the reason behind the decision. Encourage and help your child share toys with other children. Later on talk about how fun it was to share and play with other kids.

Stubborn Customers

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 What do you do when you have to deal with a stubborn customer? Before you decide to argue with this kind of customer, check out what is the cause of his or her concern and determine if he or she has a point. If you are often faced with a stubborn customer, then there are some things that you can do to minimize a hostile environment.

While it is by nature that people love to complain, there are really people who complain just for the sake of complaining, especially when they believe that the customer is always right. The best thing that you can do is to stay calm and say nothing. Most of the time, an angry person would want to provoke you.  Let the customer talk until he or she will grow tired. Sometimes they just want to feel important and to be heard.

Honestly consider the other person’s point and try to consider yourself in his or her shoes.  Do not say that he or she is wrong and try to find areas of agreement and then build on them. If you are wrong, admit it immediately. Recall how you have dealt with stubborn people before and find out if you were able to see through the façade and see that they just want to be heard. State your reasons calmly and work out ways where you could resolve issues.

Removing Stubborn Nail Polish

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Wearing a nail polish is a great experience. It enhances the look of your hands and feet. Moreover, it makes the fingers appear pretty and attractive. Nonetheless, there are times when removing a stubborn nail polish could be a real pain. Fortunately, there are various ways where you could get rid of stubborn nail polish safely and effectively.

The first thing you have to do is to get a paper napkin that is thin in texture or a toilet paper and fold it to four parts. Next, pour a small amount of the nail polish remover on the paper napkin or toilet paper. Press the nail polish remover soaked portion of the napkin on the paint on your nail and wait for around twenty seconds. It is vital that you strictly follow the twenty seconds time frame.

When the twenty seconds is over, remove the paint from your nail the usual way. You will notice the paint will come off easily. Do these steps for each of your nails and get another table napkin if the one you used tears. When choosing a nail polish remover, opt for those that are Paraben-free, non-toxic, GMO free, biodegradable, non-flammable, without petroleum ingredients and lastly, not tested on animals.

Bullheaded Lyre

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 The bullheaded lyre was found in the King’s Grave royal tomb of Private Grave (PG) 789. It was constructed with silver, gold, shell, lapis lazuli, wood and bitumen. The panel depicts a hero grasping animals and also animals that act like humans, either playing music or serving at banquet. The bottom panel showcases a scorpion man and a gazelle with human forms.

It is believed by scholars that the panels on the bullheaded lyre symbolize an underworld banquet. The front panels represent a scorpion man and gazelle and an ass playing a bull lyre. The Royal Cemetery in Ur is the burial   place of the elite members of the society who held managerial or ritual roles in the palaces or temples at Ur.

The early funerals depicted in sculpture and drawings often include musicians playing harps, lyres and other musical instruments that were found in various royal tombs. Some lyres held inlays of the feasting scenes. One of the bodies in the Great Death pit near Queen Puabi was draped over a lyre the same as the bullheaded lyre, the bones of the hands places what seemed the strings. This is proof that music has been extremely important to the Early Dynastic Mesopotamia.

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