Obstinate Toy Soldier

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 The Obstinate Toy Soldier is a chapter in C.S. Lewis’ book titled Mere Christianity. The chapter has great points and takes a reader step by step through. It talks about how people are consumed with here and now. Lewis uses the obstinate toy soldier analogy in describing how Christians are transformed to Christ’s likeness.

In the book, Lewis opens this chapter by reminding people of the present state of mankind and the purpose of why God became man. In paragraph two of the chapter, it tells about the natural and spiritual life that is not only separate but also opposing sides. The author describes this since people are born one way but God wants people in another way. If both the natural and spiritual life is combined, the way people do things normally in the process will be destroyed.

It is the same analogy regarding the people who were brought up dirty and fears of taking a bath. Paragraph three indicates that people try and make a toy soldier human but the toy does not see it as helping but trying to destroy it. There are times when people view God this way despite the fact that He is trying to save people’s souls.

How to Open a Stubborn Jar

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 Nothing could be worse than in the middle of your recipe and then all of a sudden a jar of ingredients would not budge. No matter how you twist and turn it and how hard you try, you just can’t seem to open it. Fortunately, there are several ways on how to open a stubborn jar.

Here are steps on how to open a stubborn jar. When you follow these, even small or arthritic hands could open a jar more easily. Keep in mind that jars are under a vacuum and if you break it and allow air in, they would be easier to open. The first thing that you have to do is to look for something to grip a jar with. You could use a damp cloth or you could wear rubber gloves such as those that are used to wash dishes.

Place your palm on top of the lid and apply pressure and twist it around using your whole hand. Grip the lid firmly alternatively and apply force on the jar instead of on the lid. Always keep a firm grip because you want to avoid the contents spilling all over the table, on yourself or on the floor.

Stubborn Sinus Infection

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Sinusitis consists of inflammation or infection of the paranasal sinuses. This may or may not be a result of bacterial, viral, fungal, allergic or autoimmune issues. If you have suffered stubborn sinus infection, then you know   how uncomfortable they could be and how they never seem to go away at times.

Even if your doctor will put you on antibiotics, there are cases when a stubborn sinus infection still will not go away. So what you can do is to find an alternative cure. Thousands have treated their sinusitis with alternative method. The treatment is simple and basic. You only need a bottle of raw apple cider vinegar that you can purchase at any local health   store. Refrain from using regular vinegar because studies revealed that it could actually be harmful to your health.

Gargle the apple cider vinegar twice a day, preferably in the morning and at night. You could dilute it with water if the smell and taste is too much for you to take. Remember that the strength of the vinegar is what will kill your infection. Another option is to drink it. Recommended dosage would be 1 tablespoon twice a day in a small glass of water.

Stubborn Donkey

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Donkeys are also called Burros and Asses. These animals have been beasts of burdens for thousands of years but in modern areas, people know very little about them. This animal is also considered as a stubborn donkey. It is a grey, short animal around three or four feet high. A donkey is usually used for packing children around the beach in England or to carry heavy loads.

Donkeys have a lifespan of thirty to forty-five years which make them live longer than a horse. Moreover, they are more resistant to colic, a stomach problem which could be deadly in equines of all kinds. Donkeys are thought unfairly to be stupid and stubborn. Nonetheless, those who keep them say that these animals are single minded and highly intelligent. This means that they could be commanded into dangerous situations, unlike horses.

In general, it is an unfair judgment that donkeys are stubborn and dead slow. Donkeys are native to the Mediterranean   islands of Sardinia and Sicily, but there are not many left in the area and restrictions on importing have been applied. An   original miniature donkey is a true breed of its land. They are hardy animals and require little feeding. In summer, donkey’s nutritional requirements could be met on a pasture.

How to Delete Stubborn Cookies

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 On your computer, cookies are left through your web browser by the different sites that you visit. Cookies help sites remember your log-in information, settings and personal information. Nonetheless, if you are concerned on your privacy, there are ways on how to delete stubborn cookies from your computer. The process of removing these cookies is quite simple.

The method of how to delete stubborn  cookies begin with opening the windows ‘start’ menu and typing ‘inetcpl.cpl’ to the search box and then click ‘enter’ to be able to open the ‘internet properties’ control panel. The next thing you have to do is to open the ‘general’ tab of the internet properties and then click delete below or beneath the ‘browsing history’.

Choose ‘cookies’ and other options that you want to delete from your computer’s browsing history. Click ‘delete’ so cookies will be removed from your computer. However, there are instances when even if you have successfully deleted most of these cookies, there are really stubborn cookies that could not be deleted by a simple procedure. What you can do is to check out some software that allows you to delete stubborn cookies and follow the procedure carefully so you will succeed in getting rid of stubborn cookies from your computer.

Clear Stubborn Clog in Toilet

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One of the most usual plumbing problems in the home is a clogged toilet. One of the effective ways to clear stubborn clog in toilet is the use of a plunger. For more stubborn clog that won’t budget, an auger could do the job as well. When using a toilet auger to clear stubborn clog in toilet, there are some things that you should take into consideration.

You should only flush once and if it will not flush the first time, do not attempt to flush again since this lead to more water pumped to the toilet bowl. A second flush could cause the bowl to overflow. Do not forget to put on rubber gloves as you work. This will protect you from the germs around the toilet. To minimize possible damage, considering putting newspapers on the floor or paper towels. This will make for easier cleaning when there are minor spills and splashes.

You should also make sure that the water supply is off for the toilet. This will prevent flooding in the bathroom. Furthermore, you should also make certain that the bathroom has good circulation of air. Turn the ventilation on or open a window to reduce foul smells and protect against possible toxic fumes from chemical products you may use.

Removing Stubborn Chocolate Stains

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 If you spill chocolate on your clothing or the carpet, you will instantly feel dreadful. You could rinse the stain and hope it comes out when you wash your clothes while at the same time thinking that the garment is ruined and headed for the trash. Fortunately, there are several tried and true ways of removing stubborn chocolate stains. Before you give up hope and throw your garment to the trash, check out these solutions first.

When your clothing is stained with chocolate, soak it in plain cold water for around thirty minutes. If the stain is still present after you soaked it, try dabbing it with a bit of detergent and allow it to sit for five minutes and then re-soak. Do not rub since this could force the stain deeper to the fabric. In the case of removing stubborn chocolate stains on the carpet or upholstery, wait until it hardens. Scrape off excess chocolate using a dull knife like a butter knife. Then, combine a tablespoon of liquid laundry detergent and two tablespoons lightly warm water. Blot the stain with the mixture using a towel or white washcloth.

In case you have chocolate stains on the walls, wipe them gently with a damp cloth. Pay extra care with newly painted walls since the paint could come off with hard rubbing. If the wall paint is flat, use a magic eraser or a new pencil eraser to get rid of the stain.

How to Deal with Stubborn Children

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 Admit it, there are really children who put mules to shame when they start to get so stubborn regardless of how much you threaten them. It could be quite hard on how to deal with stubborn children because after all, they are just kids. Although some children are more stubborn compared to others, all display stubbornness at some time or another. Many parents find themselves at a loss in these situations.

In the face of this situation, a parent or parents should learn on how to deal with stubborn children. Parents should be ready for a real battle of wills since there is no other way they could budget from their stand. Never argue or get angry but instead state   your fact simply, your reasons and the effects of disobedience. Try negotiating with your child and arrive at a compromise.

Make sure that you identify the problem and get your child involved in finding a solution so you will cease to be enemies and your child will feel that you are both on the same side. If you want your kid to do something, time your request so it will not disrupt him or her when she is doing something else. Use assertiveness when you ask your child to do something and make it clear to him or her the consequences of non-compliance of your order. Nonetheless, you should have reasonable requests and do not forget to praise him or her when he or she is well-behaved and cooperative.

Stubborn Leg Hair

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Excess and stubborn leg hair is a nightmare on most some and some men as well. It will continue to grow unless one gets rid of it for good. There are several ways of removing stubborn leg hair. One is shaving, which is the most affordable and easiest way to remove leg hair. Always use safety razors. Have a shaving gel or cream and apply it before you shave so the skin will retain its moisture and softness.

When you shave, you should glide the bladed opposite the growth of hair. Begin at the ankle and slowly draw the razor up to the leg. Do not shave dry or sunburned skin. You can also use depilatory creams if you are in a hurry to remove your leg hair. They are easy to apply and very effective. Nevertheless, these creams are not for those with very sensitive skin since they contain chemicals formulated to burn off hair.

Waxing is another way to get rid off leg hair. It provides longer-lasting results compared to shaving and has a smooth surface. Unlike shaving when hair grows back courses, this could result in finer growth of hair. This occurs since waxing pulls the hair out from below the skin surface. There are waxing services at salons.


Remove Stubborn Wallpaper

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To remove stubborn wallpaper is not a very enjoyable thing in the world, particularly if y our wallpaper is really old and stuck to the wall. Nevertheless, there are several ways on  how to remove stubborn wallpaper that can help you strip it off.

The first thing that you have to do is to choose the right hand tools. Choose tools that you can make small holes or score your wallpaper to make it easy to get moisture behind the material. This is particularly helpful with stubborn old wallpapers. Use liquid help and mix some white vinegar and a bit of dishwashing soap in hot water for washing over the surface. You can also use a fabric softener in the hot water instead of soap and vinegar. Use a rag or spray with plastic spray bottle.

Do one a single area at a time in succession then soak the paper with a hot water solution. Wait for half an hour then peel off the paper. Wash off or scrape off any remaining glue with a little tri sodium phosphate mixed in water. You may also opt for some commercial help and use wallpaper strippers such as DIF wallpaper stripper or you could rent a wallpaper steamer from a local hardware or a home center.

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