Raising a Stubborn Child

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 If you have had a stubborn child, then you probably understand the raising them is not easy. In most cases, raising a stubborn child is the same as a balancing act where you try to teach them how to maintain independence and willfulness but not thinking that they could rule the world.

As a parent, you have to realize that children are going to be stubborn in nature. Therefore, do not attempt to change them but embrace their personality and look for ways to use to you your advantage of raising them. Raising a stubborn child could be a lot easier if you learn how to use the stubbornness to your advantage. Moreover, you should also learn to change the dynamic. The best way to get around a stubborn child’s support is to change the dynamic. For instance, if you are at a doctor’s clinic and your kid refuses to stay still for his or her shot consider rescheduling it and have the other parent take him or her the next time.

If you reach a situation where you and your child are butting heads and regardless of how much you beg, ask, plead, he or she is not budging, then it may be time to throw a curveball. Consider changing tactics, change locations or change something.

How to Pull a Stubborn Tooth

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 When kids start to lose their baby teeth, some could fall out quickly and painlessly, while others prove to be stubborn and do not want to come out. There are several things that you should consider on how to pull a stubborn tooth. Things you need will include a cool washcloth, aspirin and oral pain relief gel.

The first thing you have to do on how to pull  a stubborn  tooth  is to check of a loose tooth, since the  more the tooth is read to fall out, the lesser chance for pain. When there is pain in the teeth and gums take aspirin and massage the area of the gum around the tooth to soothe discomfort and use over-the-counter oral relief gel in case of swelling. Remember, do not remove a tooth that appears infected but make an appointment with a dentist.

Consider wiggling the tooth with the tongue to prepare it for removal.  Once ready, remove it. You will recognize if it is ready if it looks very loose in the gum.  Remove it by gently taking the tooth within the index finger and thumb and give it a slight tug. Apply a wet, cool washcloth to the area of the tooth and place a wet washcloth in the freezer for a few minutes until it is very cool for added comfort and to calm and numb the gum where the tooth was once. Keep gums and teeth clean to avoid bacteria infection.

Stubborn Ear Infection

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 A new common bacteria has been detected that causes ear infection. Moreover, this stubborn ear infection is resistant to any FDA-approved antibiotic as well.  The strain of Streptococcus pneumonia makes it resistant to all antibiotics that are FDA-approved in treating acute otitis media.

AOM is known to be the most commonly treated infection in children. The PCV7 vaccine was created in the year 2000 to battle against this ear infection. Nevertheless, the new stubborn ear infection is resistant even to this vaccine. As data revealed, the vaccine was not able to prevent the new strain. Once diagnosed, a child who is infected undergoes several treatments before the problem was resolved.

Ear infections come in different kinds; this could refer to otitis media, inflammation behind the eardrum or the middle ear.   This new strain is known to be a very stubborn one. Infections in the ear are very common in those who already have upper respiratory infection. Children are prone to ear infection than adults.  The highest concentration of infection in the ear happens from six months to twenty months of age. Children could be prone to ear infections for several reasons, such as immature immune systems, shorter Eustachian tubes and more.

Ways to remove stubborn Ball joint

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 A ball joint on any vehicle has the responsibility of keeping the front end chassis tight and level and at the same time allow side and downward motions. The ball joints connect the front axle assembly and the steering linkage. Nevertheless, the ball joint sockets could deteriorate with contamination from debris and age. When removing a stubborn ball joint, there are several things you can do.

A combination of wrenches works effectively when removing a stubborn ball joint. You could use a floor jack and jack stands. However, this may not provide enough clearance for you to maneuver under the car. You can use two car ramps under every front wheel to raise the car and for better stability and clearance. Another option is using wrenches. Get a good set of box-end wrenches or end wrenches at your side. End wrenches also remove nuts to the anti-sway bar as well as remove stubborn ball joints.

Another choice is using a hammer or a small short-handled sledge hammer. The hammer is applied against the handle end of the pickle fork and makes a solid strike. Get a pickle fork with a medium or long shaft length which comes in various sizes. You will need a size jaw that will accommodate a ball joint for your car.

How to Remove Stubborn Viruses

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 A lot of computer users often come across a situation wherein after scanning the system, the tool detected viruses and remove them. Nonetheless, the viruses come back again. These are stubborn viruses and you should find ways to remove them. Fortunately, there are some ways to remove stubborn viruses.

When it comes to removing these stubborn viruses, first thing that you can do is to open the task list interface then find the right process name of the virus you want to remove. Click the start, running, input ‘cmd’ in the dialogue box then press enter. Type the taskkill/im abc and then press enter. The malicious ‘abc’ process will have been killed by then.

For even more stubborn viruses, you could use order ntsd wherein you can remove more viruses from your computer. In the same way, you have to find out the exact process ID of relative virus before you remove it. First, you have to open the task manager, proceed to the process then click select columns under view.  You will find a dialogue box with a lot of settings. Choose PID and then click ok. You can then check the exact process ID of that virus. You can proceed by clicking start, running, input cmd then press enter. Type ‘ntsd – c q –p POP then click enter.

Get Along with Bullheaded People

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 Bullheaded means stubborn or headstrong. It is a person who is very headstrong to a point where they are irrationally or foolishly stubborn. These people are overly opinionated, particularly in refusing to consider choices and alternatives.  A stubborn person is basically very difficult to work with since he or she believes that he or she has all the answers, regardless of opinions and facts.

You probably have encountered a bullheaded person in the workplace. Most often, you find it very hard to cope with this person. Nevertheless, these persons are not really bad but they just don’t understand and have no idea of what they are doing.

Persons who are bullheaded lack awareness and open mindedness but they do not choose to be closed minded or stupid. It is just their nature, of being who they are. When dealing with this kind of person, it is of vital importance to understand. Do not tell him or her outright that he or she is wrong. However, you could try to explain your point and to hear what he or she has to say. Although it is difficult, but there is no point in starting an argument with a person with this personality because it will only lead to further trouble.

What Obstinate Means

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 Obstinate means being stubborn or pig-headedness. An individual who is obstinate is hard to control since he or she is determined and convinced that he or she is right. This kind of person has preconceived notions about certain actions and things which he or she believes as true against any opposition.

This trait could be good as well as bad. If a person is unrelenting to the extent of being undisciplined or disorderly, it could become a negative trait. Nevertheless, if the person is determined about his or her quest to do a job which is legally and morally right, then it becomes a positive attribute. A person should be obstinate to the point of believing that nobody has the right to steal his or her dreams so long as they are ethically correct.

There are times when people could be obstinate, depending on the situation presenting itself. Some people indeed have very strong views on specific characters and aspects in life. Others view this as being unyielding or stubborn adherence to one’s views, opinions and purpose. It could also be a strong resistance or objection to change. Still others describe this as fixedness in opinion, will or resolution that could not be shaken at all or with great effort.

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