Removing Stubborn Warts

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 Although warts are not dangerous, they could be annoying and unsightly. Most warts could be eradicated with over-the-counter medicated pads. Nevertheless, there are warts that are stubborn and need more powerful steps to be removed. When removing stubborn warts, there are some things that you should take into consideration.

You can use a medicated pad to deal with the stubbornness of the wart. Try this simple option before you opt for other stronger methods.  Another thing you should do when removing stubborn warts is to use at-home freezing system. Warts could be destroyed by just a single freezing treatment. Nonetheless, it could take up a couple of weeks from the time you treat it for the wart to fall off.

If it does not respond to home treatment, you can get your doctor to apply cantharidin to your wart that will make it blister. The doctor could then remove the blister together with your wart. Some warts would require a surgical removal that may leave a scar. This option is only used when other treatments will not work. Another way of removing a wart is through a laser procedure. This is more costly compared to other removal options a stubborn wart.

Training a Stubborn Dog

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 Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, tiny or big, you are bound learn on training a stubborn dog. When you consider ways of training a stubborn dog it will open your eyes on where you stand when it comes to leading your dog. If you have a puppy, one of the ways of training a stubborn one is to socialize with it. Consider making friends with other dog owners and allow the dogs to play for fifteen minutes per day.

Another way of training a stubborn dog is to take it to twelve different places and twelve various surfaces. Introducing your stubborn dog to twelve different places and surfaces will help it overcome fears of the environment. Discipline your dog in a different way, but do it correctly. When giving a command, only give it once and wait for your dog to respond. If it does not do anything or just sits there, you can repeat the command.

Try scruffing your dog when it gets difficult. It is merely holding it in your arms like a baby. Hold it tightly but not too tight that it could not breathe. Scruff your dog until it has settled down completely. Proceed on making your dog feel that you are the master. When playing tug, let your dog win only five to ten percent of the time you play.


How to MotivateStubborn Children

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 Children who are stubborn often need some type of incentive to improve their behavior. The best way on how to motivate stubborn children is through using points rewards systems where the stubborn child is given an incentive in order to behave better.

Stubborn kids are tough to handle since they tend to disobey orders and rules. Moreover, they often refuse to help with household chores which make them difficult to raise and control. As a result, the best way to motivating stubborn children is through rewards and incentives.

When you motivate stubborn children, you him or her to follow his or her progress. It lets you monitor your child’s behavior and determine if there are changes. This kind of motivating stubborn kids is very effective for those who would like positive reinforcement methods instead of punishment. This works particularly well with stubborn children who need some incentive to change their behavior. Moreover, it also works effectively for teachers who need to discipline stubborn boys and girls in the class. This could also work for stubborn kinder students and elementary school students and even adolescent students. These kind of motivating stubborn kids allow them to exchange their points for prizes and rewards they want.

Stubborn Child Law

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In the year 1646, the Stubborn Child Law was enacted in Massachusetts Bay Colony the Puritans. Parents who claim that their child is rebellious or stubborn could ask for State reprimands and could also include execution. This law was on the statute books of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for more than three hundred years and was only repealed in 1973.

The Stubborn Child Law had the death penalty as an ultimate sanction and derived almost from an Old Testament injunction in the Deuteronomy book. On the Sanhedrin, Talmudic scholars explained this was one of the three biblical punishments that were not mean to be carried out but serve as caution and warning for the good of society.

In the case of the Massachusetts law, no child was put to death but hundreds of children, probably younger than sixteen; both girls and boys were incarcerated in various institutions as per order of the Courts since their parents present an official complaint against these children before the authorities. Parents who went to authorities cited unwillingness of the children to embrace parental discipline and authority as the reason for their actions. This law served as caution to children and teenagers at that time to follow their parents to avoid the punishment of law.

Another word for Stubborn

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A person who is stubborn is not willing to change his or her ideas or even to consider someone else’s arguments or reasons. Is being stubborn a natural thing? Another word for stubborn is inflexible. Other words that has the same meaning as stubborn are brassbound, adamant, implacable, inflexible, relentless, remorseless, rigid, unyielding, uncompromising, unrelenting, unbendable, intransigent and more.

Moreover, another word for stubborn could be being immovable. Words like obstinate, inflexible, mulish, intractable, pigheaded, tenacious, determined and persistent could also mean the same thing as being stubborn.

People who are stubborn often refuse to change his or her mind because they consider their point as the right one. This could lead to bigger problems in living a normal life. A stubborn person should put in his or her thoughts other people’s suggestions and thoughts. Furthermore, a stubborn person is like a selfish person who refuses to do anything for another or maybe too difficult to handle. Being stubborn is a normal thing that often comes natural to some people. People may be stubborn because they do not want to be rejected or they do not want to have someone dictate them. One should deal with a stubborn person carefully and make him or her see that other’s point of view matters as well.

Removing Stubborn Cake

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 When it comes to baking cakes, there are really occasions when you find it very difficult to remove a stubborn cake form the tin or the pan. In this regard, there are some methods of removing stubborn cake from the pan without destroying its form. You might be able to remove a stubborn cake if you freeze the cake in the tin, consider adding a little water before freezing it. This way, you can slide it out the tin after melting the sides of the pan.

If you wait too long before removing the cake layers from the pans, then the more likely it will be hard to remove. Try waiting for only five minutes to give time for the cake to firm u a bit and lessening the chance of it breaking. Other points that you have to consider when removing cake from the pan or tin is using solid vegetable shortening for greasing the pans.  This works better compared to using oil.  Another thing is, make sure that you coat the pans with an even, good layer of flour and shortening. Missing some spots may cause sticking.

You can also use commercial spray-on products that have both flour and oil in most grocery stores. They usually provide an easy-releasing cake. Moreover, you can also use non-stick pans, but when you use them for baking sweet goods, they should be floured and greased.

Removing Stubborn Laundry Stains

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 Probably one of your major problems are laundry stains, particularly stubborn laundry stains. Stubborn laundry stains damages, infiltrates and holds tight and refuse to let go. Nevertheless, you need not fear because stains could be vanquished as long as you know how. Although a stubborn stain could win in certain occasion, knowing what you are up to may be what it takes on reclaiming your laundry.

In removing stubborn stains, you will need a heavy duty laundry detergent, normal laundry detergent, color-safe bleach, chlorine beach, paper towels, pre-treating product and rubbing alcohol. Find out what kind of stain you are up against. Blot excess liquid on a clothing using a paper towel. Carefully read the instructions on the tag of the clothing and follow them.

Soak protein stains like milk, blood, baby food, etc. in cold water and rub the stain between your fingers. Use only cold water since using hot water would make the stain permanent. Wash clothing in detergent that has enzymes and again use only cold water. Stains caused by tannin like alcohol, coffee or juice should be washed in hot water using a normal laundry detergent. Use a chlorine-bleach for white clothing or heavy duty detergent for colors on tannin stains. Apply pre-treatment stain remover on oil-based stains like cosmetics, motor oil, butter or lotions. Treat dye stains immediately such as grass, or blueberry stains or ink. You can treat ink stains with alcohol or for older stains, pre-treat with stain remover and soak in hot water.

Stubborn Parenting

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 Stubborn parenting is parenting stubborn kids. This could be tricky and as a parent, it is up to you to let them know that they do not rule the world. Some kids appear to be born willful. Stubborn parenting is not easy. It takes perseverance and patience. As a patient, you should learn how to deal with your child and look for something positive out of it.

Regardless of how stubborn a child may be, there is something positive to a child’s toughness. Moreover, stubbornness also comes often with a steady ability to focus and this could boost learning at an early age. There are many instances when a stubborn child could teach himself or herself something that he or she wants to do because of stubborn determination.

There are also times when a child’s stubbornness and strong temperament has helped him or her work out problems with other children. As each parent is aware of, there are some children who are handle to handle compared to others. Kids with typical temperaments could become easier to handle as long as you learn how broad the ‘normal’ range is. Your child could scream at you and sometimes do things that will leave you at a loss. By determining what to expect, you could keep you and your child from toppling off the roller coaster of development.

Why are People Stubborn?

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 There are different reasons on why are people stubborn. Often, it is because what they believe is true and they do not allow themselves to be pushed around regarding it. Why are people stubborn is because they have been doing it since they were young. Stubborn people do things in order to get things happen.

The stubbornness of a person could come from a deep-rooted issue or issues in their life or could be just their way to gain control and to establish hierarchy or supremacy. Another reason for stubbornness is because people get something out of it.  Some are purely stubborn because they are aware that they could outlast anyone else in an argument or conversation that results to getting their own way.  These people often give an attitude that they won’t give up and are meant on winning which makes others give in for an easy life.

People who in the past or at present feel as if they have no control over anything may usually appear stubborn. This could be more of a psychological thing that is due to low self-confidence and fear. This is probably one of the strongest kinds of stubbornness and an opposition of one’s opinion will be met with aggressive or assertive response since these people fear of feeling controlled.

Training a Stubborn Bichon

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A bichon is a very strong-minded and intelligent dog, thus it could be particularly stubborn. Nevertheless, it is also a very charming animal, meaning that it could adept at using its charm in order to get its way. Training a stubborn bichon requires positive reinforcement and consistency of good behavior. Your pet bichon will more likely in the mood to please you if it thinks that you are happy with it, so plenty of praise will go a long way in overcoming its stubbornness.

The first thing you have to do when you train a stubborn bichon is to get up early and take it outside to the bathroom. Use one-word command when you want your bichon to go potty. Place the dog in the area where you want it to and repeat the command in an encouraging voice until it has relieved itself.

Use your voice tone to communicate with your pet if you are upset or pleased with what it has done. When it goes potty outside, say a one-word command in a tone that is praising and give it a treat. If it fails to go potty outside, say a one-word command in a stern voice. Say a one-word command in a questioning tone if your pet needs to go outside.  Stay with it until it has finished its business.  Make certain that you see it has done what it’s supposed to do.

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