Various Stubborn Quotes

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 Quotes are interesting. They inspire people and make a lot of sense and reflect what is real and what is not. There are many kinds of quotes and most of them come from famous persons such as former country presidents, famous movie stars, religious people, the royalty and even anonymous persons. Moreover, there are also hundreds of stubborn quotes you can find on books and of course online.

Here are some of the very popular stubborn quotes.

“Acts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable” by Mark Twain

“Sometimes a political leader needs to be stubborn so that he would not move a little” by Yuriko Koike

“Facts are stubborn thing; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence” by John Adams.

“Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. (Facts re stubborn, but statistics are more pliable’” by Mark Twain

“I think I was born stubborn, that’s all” by Patricia Neal

“Hope begins in the dark; the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up.” By Anne Lamott

Stubborn Chest Congestion Remedy

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 You should not take stubborn chest congestion lightly, since it restricts breathing and giving your body less than the ideal amounts of oxygen. Moreover, it may also be a sign of other ailments such as HIV. If the congestion persists for more than several days or you have fever and cough up even a little blood, go to your doctor immediately for diagnosis. There are also stubborn chest congestion remedies you can try at home.

One of these remedies is to steam. It helps loosen up mucus and makes breathing easier. A steamy and hot shower may do the trick so you will feel better. Another way is to use herbs to treat chest congestion. Turmeric is a popular choice to relieve congestion. Mix one teaspoon of it in glass of warm water and drink this three times a day. Ginger is also effective. You can mix one teaspoon ginger juice with honey or lime juice and drink this also three times a day.

Another way to treat stubborn congestion is to drink hot tea. It loosens up the congestion and sinuses. You can also try broth-based soup or chicken noodle soup and don’t’ forget to drink plenty of fluids, ten glasses everyday and avoid drinking milk which can thicken the mucus.

How to Kill Stubborn Weeds

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 Weeds make a pretty yard look hideous. There are times when weeds can be real stubborn and never go away. Nevertheless, there are several ways to kill stubborn weeds. If you are patient enough, you can do it and save your yard.

When attempting to kill stubborn weeds, you can use a weed removal formula that you can buy at a home improvement store. Be careful when using a weed killer since some might also kill the grass. Use a garden fork and insert it next to the root of the weed, push down and pull back so the root pops out.

You can also use a fertilizer with a weed killer on it. This can be purchased at many garden stores. Aside from killing stubborn weeds, this is also good for your lawn and helps the grass to grow and look nice. Another option to get rid of stubborn weeds is to rototil the entire yard. This will get rid of all the weeds so you can lay down sod. This could mean hard work but you can hire a company to do it for you. Make sure to set aside an amount since this can be really expensive. However, some companies could offer a sale or a discount.

How can Two Stubborn People get Along?

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 It might seem very hard to imagine how two stubborn people can get along if they are so alike. There are many kinds of people throughout the world. Sadly, the stubborn ones seem to always make up the majority of the population. Regardless, it does not mean the end of humanity since there are effective means to deal stubborn people and there are ways on how two stubborn people could manage fine.

So, how can two stubborn people get along? It is not easy at first, but when two of them get used to the idea that they have to resolve the issue in order for them to stay together, then they might find just agree on a few things that will not cause them trouble. Both should practice patience, not just with the other but with one’s self as well. They should refrain from getting mad with each other because this will only fuel their stubbornness.

Understand each other’s situation and the cause of the stubbornness. The other’s reason might be due to ideas he or she wants to defend. It helps for both to become flexible and not insist on what one wants because nothing good will ever come out of it because nobody will relent. The key here is give and take, sometimes one has to let the other have their way and vice versa.

Are Men Stubborn?

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 Many people consider men as stubborn individuals compared to women. Nevertheless, the important question is: Are men stubborn? Maybe it is just a common perception but not necessarily the truth. Furthermore, when it comes to stubbornness, men are not the only ones in general. Men and women can be stubborn when they tend to get what they want or have things their way.

Why are men stubborn? It is often a wonder. A lot of men consider themselves as much superior and cleverer than women. Most of the time, they do everything their way and ignoring pieces of advice. Stubborn persons are those who refuse to change their mind regarding an action or an idea. Moreover, these are people who refuse to give a clear reason or explanation for the resistance.

There are reasons why men are stubborn. Some believe that if idea is abandoned, this means that he is not important. Since he strongly believes in his ideas, a man often feels that his identity is threatened if people are not convinced by him. Sometimes, men have strong reasons for refusing to change his mind but will never reveal the reason why. The best way to deal a stubborn man is to determine what is best for both of you and show concern on things that a man wants to prioritize, such as issues about money, children and more.

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